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1st and 2nd shift Extruder Operators needed!!

Location : Leominster, MA
Job Type : Temp/Contract

Savvy Staffing in LEOMINSTER (853 North Main st, Leominster, MA, 01453) is seeking Extruder Operators/ Machine Operators for 1st and 2nd shift. Please submit your resume for consideration or stop by our office for an application, please bring two forms of identification to apply (picture ID and social security card) or call for more information 978-840-3333.


  • Operate the sheet extruder, the dryer, the cristalizer, and the material handling equipment.

  • Do preventive maintenance

  • Help operate the other thermoforming machines

SCHEDULE ROTATIVE: 5:00 pm – 5:00 am or 5:00 am – 5:00 pm (Mon, Tue, Sat and Sun / Wed, Thurs and Fri)


  • Material handling equipment:

  • Set different blends according to job requirements

  • Maintain constant flow of material

  • Be able to debug any feeding problems

  • Manage the filling of regrind gaylords from the thermoformers and to the extruder.

  • Pack Gaylords to ship.

  • Be able to learn how to adjust temperatures, dosing rates, and drum speed.

  • Monitor for chunks and be able to change process parameters to eliminate these.

  • Change the filters when necessary.

  • Operate the extruder

  • Learn how to use the start-up checklist to make sure the extruder is ready to start.

  • Learn how to identify when temperatures are correct for start-up.

  • Know how to set up the extruder to make different sheet widths and thicknesses.

  • Be able to set up the silicone coating system properly.

  • Check the quality of the sheet being made. Check for correct width, thickness, and silicone coating.

  • Be able to identify and correct for quality problems.

  • Be able to take the roll of sheet off the winder and prepare the winder for the next roll

  • Be able to drive a lift truck and take the finished rolls of sheet to the proper storage location.

  • Help with the material handling on all thermoforming machines

  • Do the preventive maintenance on all the equipment assigned to that shift.

  • Each shift has an assigned list of preventive maintenance. These include:

  • Changing filters as needed (vacuum pump, extruder melt screen, & dryer aftercooler)

  • Lubricate, Inspect, Keep the work area clean and organized. This includes other production areas.




Required Qualifications :


  • Must be able to understand a complex system and how the parts inter-relate to the other parts.

  • When necessary, help operate thermoforming machines, lift trucks, help with material handling, or any other function the Supervisor asks.

  • Continuously look for ways to improve the efficiency, safety, and hygiene of the operation.

  • Continuously look for ways to improve quality.

  • Must report any safety concerns to your supervisor.

  • Must report any hygiene concerns to your supervisor.


  • Must be able to spend all day on your feet.

  • Must be able to occasionally reach into the machine.

  • Must be able to drive a forklift truck

  • Drop rolls from the winders once an hour and return the chuck to the winder to prepare for the next roll.

  • Sometimes you may need to handle a large hammer to get the shaft out

  • Must be able to move (push and pull) bins on casters

Education Requirements

High School or GED.

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