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QC Tech

Location : Ayer
Job Type : Temp/Contract
Reference Code : 1st


  • Monday- Friday

  • 5:45am- 2:30pm

  • OT on Saturdays is mandatory when required.

Syrup and Finished Product Testing:

·         Perform testing of a control drink on Syrup.

·         Perform CO2 tests.

·         Perform Brix tests.

·         Perform T.A. tests.

·         Perform Air tests.

·         Perform can weight tests.

·         Ensure that proper can code is being used.

·         Perform any other quality control testing as deemed necessary.


Water System Testing:

·         Perform Alkalinity tests.

·         Perform Chlorine tests.

·         Perform Chemical Feed Rate tests.

·         Perform Flocc Chamber PH tests.

·         Perform Sludge level tests.

·         Perform Carbon Tower Clarity tests.

·         Monitor the backwashing of the sand fillers.

·         Backwash the carbon towers.

·         Recharge the lime and ferric tanks.

·         Monitor the sludge reclaim tank.


Mixing Batches of Concentrate:

·         Transport concentrate to the batching area and document codes on the concentrate package.

·         Adhere to formula batching specifications of syrup preparation.

·         Ensure proper raw concentrate stock rotation.


Syrup Room Sanitation:

·         Sanitize batch tanks.

Required Qualifications :























Quality Control
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